c金银器urated by Sun Dongdong

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c金银器urated by Sun Dongdong

"Advent," the first solo exhibition of artist Xu Qu, is currently ongoing at the Long Museum West Bund.


The exhibition, curated by Sun Dongdong, has the same title as Xu's new large-scale installation, "Advent."

"Advent," which was created in 2023, 霞山区孔业麻类有限公司 is featured alongside multiple series of Xu's large-scale paintings and installations.

The large-scale installation, 绍兴市美人鱼纺织品有限公司 "Advent, 萝岗区大麻类有限公司" conjures up images of an unknown extraterrestrial descending upon a gigantic spacecraft. The medium of this work is recycled components from eight discarded ATMs.


The devices are disassembled and flattened before being stacked on a platform with random shutdown displays shown on their screens.


Visitors can picture the atmosphere in a vertical view while walking on the platform. During the digital revolution of currency transactions and the financial industry, 青铜峡市圣洲催化剂有限公司 physical operating methods in bank transactions have gradually changed,平乐县磁经坚果有限公司金银器 and money exchange application scenarios have been simplified and updated.

In Xu's opinion, these once-perfect industrial design products foreshadow the advent of the last phase of human creation.

Xu Qu, born in 1978, received an MFA in fine arts and film from Braunschweig University of Art in Germany in 2018. The artist now resides and works in Beijing.


The "Maze" series, created between 2022 and 2023, is inspired by the question of "why humans are always fascinated by the meaning behind paintings and images." The artist visualizes paintings as existing at the crossroads of imagery and linguistic systems.

Exhibition info:


Date: Through October 22 (closed on Mondays), 10am-6pm

Venue: Long Museum West Bund

Address: 3398 Longteng Ave





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  • 生猪(外三元)价钱1金银器4.9元/千克


  • 近金银器1年上升3.97%


  • c金银器urated by Sun Dongdong

    "Advent," the first solo exhibition of artist Xu Qu, is currently ongoing at the Long Museum West Bu...

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